Wednesday, April 02, 2008




Friday, January 25, 2008

God is Good all the Time

Tonight I feel uplifted and refresh.. Why? I guess because when you choose to surrender to God and focus on Him and really praise and worship Him, God changes or stir something inside of you.

It's Sunday worship practice today, and after preparing all the songs and etc, I went to church, not thinking about anything. I was still pretty nervous as I'm not entirely sure as to how to make the songs flow and etc, but I guess in some ways, I trust God that things will work out at the end...

As usual, practice didn't start until about half an hour later as people slowly pour in for the practice. As more comes in, I was kinda nervous too. But today, I figured things were a bit different..

As we gather together to just worship the Lord and pray first before the practice starts, I was called to lead the group. Thinking it should be alright, I just asked everyone to close their eyes... and Dan was playing the piano to the song, there is none like you.. as always, we will pick a song... and that song sort of flow into the spirit as we gather together.... so as we gather together... I felt God's peace slowly seeps in and just helps us relax.. it was such a wonderful experience being able to come before the Lord with no worries, with no cares and just be focused on Him. Such a wonderful peace... and many came to the Lord just praising and really focusing on Him too. I've not felt such ability to focus for a while and it's honestly good. Just imagine your mind is filled with nothing but the one that you love and you know, you just know deep inside of you that He's the one and He's the only one that can touch your heart the way He did it.

And guess what! Things just fall into place during practice...just so great...

Thank You for the wonderful time of refreshing and for the wonderful time in just praising and worshipping You!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

God that Confirms

It's amazing to see that since beginning of this year, God is really moving in the church. More and more preachers and sharer of the message are hitting the congregation with such strong words that it would take a deaf man not to hear what God is saying to this church. It is truly encouraging to know and to hear that God is really wanting to stir this church up and wake up the people and to bring revival to this church.

Lord, I can't say how much these messages means to me. I can't put into words to know that You have heard the heartcry of your people, a small group of people who hunger and desire to see this church grow and grow all the more for You.

Lord, You have placed everyone in this house of Yours for a purpose and I pray Lord, that You will unveil their eyes now and see! See for themselves Your plans for them oh Lord, oh Hallelujah oh Lord Jesus. Father, continue to stir the fire in the hearts of Your people Lord. I know some have grew cold, but Lord, may Your fire be poured unto everyone in the church, that they may know for themselves and that their hunger and thirst may once again be built up!
Amazin Lord that You are... amazin Lord that You always will be.... Hallelujah!!!

Monday, January 07, 2008


With the start of a new year, I am thinking whether I ought to shift my blog to wordpress. I rather prefer their layout and there's more choices as well. However, it might take a little getting used to because it can be quite different from blogspot as well. Just a mere thought that I'm thinkering with.

This year, I hope, would be a good year. With the new year, God has blessed me with a new job. Although it would be in KL, I pray that I will do well and exceed the expectation of my new company.

Not only that, this year is, I supposed a year that I want to commit to the Lord. I want to grow and mature in my walk with God. I know there's a lot of activities in which I'm involved in church, but I pray that I not only want to be Martha, but also Mary. With such hope, I pray that God will continue to guide me in finding a balance between Martha and Mary.

There are certain things that needs to be found out and clarify in time too. But at the moment, I'm learning to be content and enjoy the moments. Although things may or may not be turning out as I expected, but I do pray that we will prepare to face whatever that may come this year.

Resolutions? I don't have a habit of preparing resolution... but maybe this year might be an exception as I think through and decide on certain things... till then...

Happy New Year everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


U know what???


Woo HOo!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm getting excited! Heaps of practices happening in church as the day draws near! Starting from last night. We had worship practice till 11pm! Gosh, that's super late man... and and... after practising for the presentation on Christmas day, my head felt light! Why? Coz I had to sing parts along with another friend! And her pitch is so high and I had to follow... lack of oxygen man.... blurzzzzzzzz

Sunday is going to be crazy! Service where I'm serving, followed by worship practice and meetings and FINAL REHEARSAL!

Haha... I can feel the adrenaline rush already, but hopefully I have the strength to last through all the activities line up!

Hey, feel free to come to my church for a visit. You can click on for da map!


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Nearing Christmas

Anyone excited about Christmas!?!! I guess that I am. But Christmas also means loads of things happening in church as well. This year, on a smaller scale, my church is having a Nuwav Christmas Celebration. For RM20 for 2 persons, you'll get to have a full dinner followed by dance, drama and countdown for Christmas on 24th December 2007.

A lot of us have put in heaps of effort in it and I pray that everything will run smoothly during that period as well.

In conjunction with this year's theme in church, all 3 congregations took the opportunity to visit the orphanages around and many are blessed by these visits. It is really an eye opener, to know and to see how blessed we are. Yet, it prompts a desire in the youth to want to reach out and share their happiness with the orphans as well.

God has truly bless First AOG this year, with heaps of collaborations amongst the 3 congregations. I really do hope that God will continue to bring unity to our church and that the church will grow into a deeper level of intimacy with HIM too!

Check out the Christmas celebration ya! And contact me if you want to come! Btw, that night would be a bilingual night (english and cantonese)!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December, the time of the month where people spend and spend and spend. Promotional ads on sales are pushed to the max, proclaiming to the market that they should buy this and that for their loved ones. People are getting excited and busy, thinking and planning on what to buy, thinking and dreaming of what they would get on Christmas. For the malls, decorations are already up; a mere manner in attracting more crowds to their malls in hopes of more returns. Not only that, churches are busy planning and organizing events, running programs after programs to get people to go to their church and to share this joyous occasion.

I guess in a world where busyness is the emphasis, many lost their “time” to slow down and to enjoy what Christmas has to bring. What is Christmas? It is the time where we are blessed abundantly, where God sent His son on earth to be a blessing to all of us. In the midst of us buying gifts for others, we ought to pause for a moment to savour the blessing that has been poured out to us by heaven. And with that in our heart, we ought to allow that thought to carry through as we purchase gifts to bless others.

The recent trip to an orphanage with my church has opened my eyes to how blessed I am to have parents who care deeply for me, who bear with me through my “bad” and who continue to love me unconditionally. I’m blessed to have parents, relatives and friends who loves me for who I am, for who I was and for who I am aiming to be in life. To see these young people, who, in their lacking of love, grow to be mature, firm and positive, makes me see how different I am as well as my church youth as compared to them. To see the courage in their eyes, to see the fire and desire in their heart to grow and to live this life no matter what comes their way, makes me think about my life, my growth as well as my desire to see the youth in my church to grow deeper in their lives as well.

All these have led to the idea that December is also a month of reflection. It is the time where we reflect how has our year passed, whether there’s any changes they we see in ourselves, how much we have grown through the many months. In the midst of all the busyness around us, there is a need to slow down and to ponder. It is from there that we plan for the next year, the expectations on ourselves, the resolutions that we want to set and etc. Even as we slow down, we ought to savour and learn to be thankful for all that’s in our lives. Be thankful for the family that you have, be thankful for all the material things in your life, and even be thankful for all the hardship and bad things that has happened in your life, for I believe it is through such incidences that you grow to be stronger and mature. Hardship shapes our personality and character even more so than happy times! So count your blessings in life.

James 1:2-4

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. 4Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

It’s a bit early, but…


with passion comes determination

trying to live a simple life amidst the complexity of it trying to succeed in differentiation rather than adaptation